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Blinds FAQ

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Blinds Frequently asked questions


What are the different types of window blinds? There are a variety of blind types. They can either hang horizontally or vertically. There are also a variety of textures. To sum it up, the variety consists of wood and faux wood horizontal blinds, pvc and fabric vertical blinds, cellular blinds, romans, roller & screen shades, banded/zebra shades, vertical and horizontal sheer shadings, and of course plantation shutters.


What do window blinds cost? The range can vary from $100 to $1000 depending on the type of blind, fabric/texture and operating system.


How do window blinds work? The most common operating system on blinds is a cord or chain that will pull/push the blind into a given direction. Some products come to have the option to operate manually without a cord. There are also motorization options to consider.


Are blinds window treatments? Yes, blinds are considered to be part of the window treatment industry.


What is the best brand of window blinds? The best brand will depend on the product you choose. The leaders in the industry are Hunter Douglas, Graber, Lafayette, Lutron, Somfy and Rollease.


What kind of blinds are best for living rooms? A living room is best with a blind that provides some light exposure, not blackout typically found in bedrooms. This will depend on your needs, décor, and application.


Are blinds expensive? They can definitely add up in cost depending on the size and the quantity required.


How much do Hunter Douglas shades cost? Hunter Douglas is a premium brand in the industry with prices ranging from $150 to $5000 per shade depending on the size and fabric.


Are Budget Blinds expensive? Budget Blinds are no different than any other window treatment store. They are independent franchises and carry a limited variety of products. The prices are relative to the product.


Should blinds be up or down? Theoretically, when blinds go up, they stack up or roll onto a tube. This will allow full exposure of your opening. It’s best to keep them down when you are not home to save on electricity and provide security.


How do you close blinds up or down? Usually, you would use the downwards motion to either roll up or roll down a blind with a cord.


Can faux wood blinds be cut? Yes, but only a few inches on either side due to controls and strings internally. We recommend using a clean new blade.


What kind of blinds are best for kitchens? This is an area that can get wet and stained. We recommend a screen shade, poly plantation shutter or a faux wood blind because of their composition.


Can you see through blinds at night? A light filtering blind will allow an individual to see a shadow at night. A blackout will block all visibility.


Do blinds keep heat in? Blinds act like a barrier depending on the quality of the product saving you money on your electrical bill.


Can you see through curtains at night? Sheer curtains will allow a full see through at night. If your curtain is not lined with a blackout, then you will get a shadow exposure depending on the quality of the fabric. Only a blackout lined curtain will provide 100% privacy.